Wish Pearl Jewelry

"A Wish Waiting To Come True"
for wisdom
for success
for wealth
for love
for health
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Copyright © Wish Pearl Gift Jewelry. All Rights Reserved. The Wish Pearl package design concept is registered worldwide. Each box includes can with preserved, specially cultured & selected mollusk - containing a unique, guaranteed 100% pearl inside: 5 -7 mm round. Also included is the necklace, ring or earrings selected with easy-to-open pendant, plus a booklet about the lore of appeal of pearls throughout history, and the various meanings attributed to the 5 possible pearl colors.
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Each Necklace Includes:

Real Oyster Containing A Cultured Pearl

Stylish Gift Box

Sterling Silver 18" Chain

Sterling Silver Pendant
(Except Lucky Cat)

Booklet Which Includes Information About Pearls
and Their Significance Throughout History